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Thread: Suggestions and questions on new KS video.

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    Suggestions and questions on new KS video.

    I just saw the new KS video today.

    First off, the game looks great gameplay wise. I'll definitely give you a pledge when I get a little more money.

    I still have a few things I would like to suggest about the graphics and audio. I don't exactly have any real problems with it, but some things still look a little strange to me. It may just be me, but I would still like to give my feedback anyways.

    1) Why are houses so small?
    -I noticed the player had to look down just slightly at the first few doors to search them. I think the houses themselves look fine, but do you think they are a little small? Personally, I wouldn't mind it if the buildings were a bit larger and the streets narrower. I think that having less area to move around in at towns would make them a bit more of a challenge to get through, and would set the town environment apart from the rest of the world be offering less stealth and less area to move.

    2) The device piece seems hard to see.
    -I'm not sure how you go about finding the location of the device pieces on the map, but looking at them on the ground in the video, it seems like they would be hard to spot. Were it not for the guard, I would have thought it just a rock on the road. The smoke they emit doesn't seem like it would be easy to spot against the gray of the world either. Maybe it would be better if they had a mysterious glowing effect instead? That way they might pop out against the dark world a bit better.

    3) Robots are a little hard to understand.
    -I'm not sure if it's important or not, but I can't clearly hear what the guard was saying when he stepped on the trap. Do robots say anything important? The guard's voice was nothing more than a robotic mutter to me. Do robots speak up when talking to each other, or do they all sound like that?

    Let me know what you think.

    Also, on a final note, it always gets me when devs get whacked by their own game during sample gameplay. I thought the screw up with getting ambushed by that second bot when trying to cause a distraction with the crows was hilarious.

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    Re house size : known issue. We're planning a revamp of village buildings and and generation techiques. Sizes will be adjusted accordingly then.

    Re device: This may be to do with the YT video quality. In the game the pieces are just about spot-on in terms of their visibilty. Scanning distant fields with binoculars for the tell tale smoke works very well in game. They show up just fine.

    Re bot chatter: The bots do have barks which can be considered 'important' in that they can inform the player what state the bot is in (has it seen me? is it actively searching for me? has it just met another bot i didnt see? does it have a dog nearby? stuff like that). Personally I can easily make out what they are saying, but that may just be because I am familiar with the phrases. I'd be interested to hear other opinions on the intelligibility of the bots.
    I actually think it's OK to have to hear the phrase a few times before you can work out what it is they are saying to each other though...

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