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Thread: Suggestion: Foliage moves as you walk / crawl through it

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    Suggestion: Foliage moves as you walk / crawl through it

    One of the more annoying parts of Stalker was lying prone and aiming towards something on the same plane (especially with scoped weapons).

    You would find a great position, lie prone and then all you could see through the scope was grass or leaves covering the whole view, and you'd end up aiming through tiny gaps in the foliage / grass.

    What comes to mind are Crysis and FarCry 2. In both of these games the foliage 'parts' when the player walks through it. Annoyingly is springs back up though.

    In ARMA2, it's is much more simple; walking (or driving) over grass just flattens it. In ARMA 2 you can lie prone, move forward to flatten nearby grass, then crawl back and take the shot with a clearer view.

    (I can't find any YouTube videos that show what I mean; but it should be clear if you've played those games...)

    In anycase, if some/much of the game is going to be spent crawling through tall grass and other foliage, then some very simple interaction would be nice.

    If anything it'd make the simple practice of just moving through the world a bit more engaging, at best it'd solve that problem where perfect overview locations are rendered unusable because there's a blade of grass 2 inches from your eyes / the camera...

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    Yeah I worked on ArmA2 so I know very well how the grass works
    The difference here is that the foliage is mainly about hiding in, rather than shooting out from and therefore it wouldnt really make sense to flatten the piece of grass you are trying to hide behind, thus exposing you to the hunter's laser gaze.

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