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Thread: Ideas for stretch goals.

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    Ideas for stretch goals.

    Just a few ideas I thought I would throw out seeing as the 70k and 80k goals are undecided and still very much possible. Some things I would like to see...

    1: House Biome
    - In this idea, the entire island terrain is replaced with a ridiculously oversized over-the-top estate. Aside from a small amount of wild areas surrounding the estate, the entire world is in the estate. Bedrooms, hallways, outdoor breezeways, dining rooms, kitchens, lobbies, foyers,enclosed open courtyards, gardens, pools, and fountains, and all other kinds of fancy places exist in this grand estate and would be randomly generated just like a normal game. Instead of towns, you would have various parties where the bots would gather and place their items instead. While you explore the estate to complete the game, all the bots in the mansion will be playing a friendly game of 'hunt the human' and will be on the lookout for you. While there are still a few natural places to hide like the courtyards and outside the manor, the player will need rely on quick movements to duck into rooms, hide around corners, and avoid the bots with speed rather than stealth. I think it might be an interesting mode if you're still considering alternate worlds to procedurally generate.

    2: Free 15 minute trial mode
    -If you successfully meet all your kickstarter stretch goal needs, then I would really like to see you guys in big robot to reach out a little more to other communities. I would like to see some more advertising if at all possible (I think steam might be a good outlet for that if you can manage). More importantly though, I think you would be able to appeal to more people if you released a demo mode that offers a few minutes of free play to give people a chance to understand the game and possibly commit them to buy. I don't know what kind of financial impact this would have, but maybe?

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    A demo version is certainly something we're thinking pretty hard about. We're going to have to put some more time into working out exactly how to do it, though, since demoing an open world game isn't always straight forward.

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    Working on demo when games are on PirateBay often before official release... Yes, it's nice, but kind of useless. I'd rather see some promise of multiplayer, even if it should be in form of, as they call it nowdays, DLC.

    About "de_rats", well, you want different game - Sir is mainly about stealth in nature, it would mean redoing core mechanics.
    Well, I'm not one of team here, maybe they can do it, but I wanted to point out it's no easy task.

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    Congrats, the kickstarter is strong, multiplayer seems guaranteed so it's time to look at the next few stretch goals:

    90k - Robot Morris Dancers. What's more English countryside than a bunch of jingling perverts hitting each other with sticks? Watch as robot versions enact famous dances with terrifying speed and precision, while an ambulant accordian-bot fills the air with a screeching dirge.
    100k - Lemon drizzle cake factories. Find out just who or what Mrs Crimble is, and the secrets or the 'authentic home-made' production line.
    110k - Combine harvesters. Attempt to sneak past these hulking mechanical monstrosities, or they will chase you down with whirling blades while an ernest loudspeaker discusses the pros and cons of removing hedgerows.
    120k - Remove the Robot Morris Dancers.

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