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Thread: New to game. Questions.

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    New to game. Questions.

    I may offer my money for this, as I just seem to like this idea the more I read about it, but I have some questions first.

    1: What options are there for weapons?
    - In the trailer, I see you have a shotgun weapon and a rifle weapon. I assume you can kill people with dynamite too, but what about other things? Will there be other guns or things to fight with? I assume any sane hunter would bring a pistol when dealing with a dangerous human. What about things like security guard-type weapons in the town areas? Are some people going to carry stronger or more dangerous guns than others? Just any more details about how the weapons are.

    2: what options do you have for stealth?
    - I heard in the KS trailer that you can distract enemies with dynamite, but most of the time I saw the player with a gun out. Are there other things you can use to avoid combat aside from hiding? Can you throw rocks or things like that? can you set up traps to take out enemies or trick them to escape? Are there items that can assist in stealth? Things along those lines.

    3: What about melee?
    - I think melee would fit the theme of tough survival and being hunted. Sneaking around and blindsiding hunters with a rock club or a stolen machete would be super cool to do. Is melee in at all?

    4: Exploration. Is it good?
    -How large is the hunting ground? Can you go in buildings at all? How much is there to see? Is there any point in exploring for supplies?

    5: How hard is the game?
    - So I understand you can fight back against the hunters, but how tough are they? Is the AI smart? How well does one stand a chance in one-on-one confrontations?

    6: What happens once the game is released?
    - Are there going to be any post content updates at all?

    I would really like at least a few questions answered if I can. I know I asked a lot, but I don't need absolutely every question answered either. I'd appreciate the response from anyone here. Thank you.

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    Pretty much all of your questions about weapons, other items/opportunities for stealth will be answered in the updates we have planned for next week! We don't really want to spoil the surprise in the forums before then, but it's safe to say that your assumptions are pretty close to the mark...

    We're planning a future update with a closer look at the British Countryside Generator as well, which should answer your questions about island scale. If you take a look at the videos (especially the opening pullback in the Alpha Teaser) you can get agood sense of the size of an indivdual island in the archepelago.

    With regard to AI smartness difficulty: We're putting a great deal of time and effort into AI and - now we're funded - that focus is only going to increase. But your chances of survival in a one-to-one face off depend entirely on how that encounter came about. If you surprise them, you stand a pretty good chance in current builds (provided you are well armed and healthy). If they surprise YOU, the encounter tends to favour them, especially as the noise will usually alert other nearby hunters. Then things tend to go south pretty quickly...

    Finally, about post release content: This is really something we can only look at properly a little later on in development. If Sir is the success we all hope it will be then there is every chance we could introduce new content but only time will tell!

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    I see. I'll just wait till next week's update and see how the game looks then.

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