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    Music Direction

    Been keeping an eye on the development of this for a while and I just watched the Alpha trailer, and it looked ace. One thing though, is the music on there representative of what you were planning for the game? It's good and tweedy and quite tense, but I think you should be aiming for something more atmospheric, English and (though some think this is a dirty word) folk.

    I was imagining something along the lines of Jon Boden's awesome album "Songs from the Floodplain":

    That's just me, though. What do others think?

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    I'm hoping they go for something procedurally generated, in keeping with the rest of the game. Maybe some minimalist ambient type stuff which changes mood depending on what's going on.

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    Well, sir, procedurally generated music is interesting idea, but... Eh, I don't think it would work. I am not saying it's not possible, but finding some composer would be cheaper and easier, not mentioning incomparably better outcome.

    And for Jon Boden... Well, in my opinion it's too "soft". It's game about manslaughter, after all! The music from trailers is just perfect, although it could be alternating with Thief-like "on the edge of your senses" ambient, as it's quite, you know, "distinct", so it could be annyoing after while of non-stop listening.
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    We've got a procedural, generative music system, with the actual audio clips that go into that being produced by Andy Holbrook. Basically the soundscape is totally generative, with location specific tones and voices. We don't have situation-specific feedback in there yet (i.e differnt audio in combat), but it's something we've discussed and could do in theory, time and cash permitting!

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