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Thread: Early Access version question

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    Early Access version question

    I actually have three questions about early access. First question is will it be available for OSX and Linux right from the get go? And will the grimoire be available from early access on or will it only be made available on release? Also if Sir does make it on to steam will you distribute keys through email?

    The game looks superb and thank you to the whole team for all the work. Thanks guys!

    Also, do you guys have a rough date on when you expect the early access to be available?
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    The Grimoire will come later. And yes we'll deliver Steam keys (should we get on Steam) via mail. Re: OSX and Linux, it SHOULD be possible for us to release early access builds for these platforms at the same time as windows, but there may be more bugs Part of the reason for doing early access is for testing so in fact it would be helpful to have people looking at the game those platforms.

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