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Thread: Just a slight nitpick.

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    Just a slight nitpick.

    From the trailer, the game looks very, very impressive and hopefully will be a success, but a small thing bugs me, I was looking at the HUD and I saw what must firearm enjoying people like me dislike, the dreaded, "Clips". The correct term is a Magazine unless you are using a charger or stripper clip for example: So unless the firearm in-game uses one of those please call it a magazine, or if it is a break action rifle or shotgun, then there is no need for clips and lever action rifles are normally fed via one round at a time inserted by hand. Please may you change this.

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    This is actually just placeholder nomenclature!

    In Sir you can be carrying some items that have magazines and some that dont, but still have 'ammo' in the sense that you can be carrying an amount of them and want to know at a glance how many.

    For example I am carrying in my inventory 4 sticks of explosives. I then equip explosives. In that situation, the current HUD object 'Ammo' would read 1 (for the one I am holding in my hands) and 'Clips' would read 3 (for the remainder in my inventory that i can use). This is obviously nonsense, as the one in my hands isn't "ammo" any more than the ones in my inventory are "clips".

    We're actually still trying to come up with a satisfactory solution to this, because in some situations you ARE using an item that has 'ammo' and 'clips' (or rather magazines!) but rest assured, we'll think of something!
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