The Signal From Linux, That Real-Life Thing, The Eerie Possibilities Of The Future


We thought a general Big Robot update was overdue, so we’re going to give you an insight into what’s going on, and what the robot road map is for the future.

Those of you watching us from across the mists of social media will have doubtless picked up on a couple of low-key announcements. One is that we will again be working with Ian McQue, who provided us with the concept art inspirations for The Signal From Tölva. This project, (or even projects!), is still in its infancy, but I can confirm that Ian will be contributing to a future video game project from BR.

We are, of course, still working on The Signal From Tölva, and have previously announced the free expansion, Ice Variant. No, it isn’t just snowy weather for the existing map, as someone suggested, it’s a completely new campaign, with new designs from Ian and new 3D art from Olly Skillman-Wilson and Jon Polti. In terms of what to expect, this is a prequel dive into events on Tölva, featuring a lost Information Broker. We think you’ll get a kick out of it. And, yes, it’s also going to have some snowy weather, too!

However, it hasn’t exactly been plain sailing for us in recent months. A number of real life events have stalled different members of the team, meaning that we’ve had to take some serious breaks here and there to deal with those issues. We can only apologise for that, but real life and real people, as ever, come first.

We’re picking up some speed again now, however, and the Linux port for TSFT is up on Steam and most of the other portals too. Dan and I will be keeping an eye on feedback for that, so let us know what you will find. More updates will follow, with Ice Variant probably arriving just after Christmas. We’ve finished about 90% of the level building, but that last 10% still has a tonne of work associated with it! We’re enjoying building it, however, and we think that’s going to show in the final update.

Further out we’re beginning to look at future projects. We have a number of prototypes to choose from – at least two of which are already playable to some extent – and we’re going to be looking at more closely when the time comes. Precisely what will come of these, and to what degree they will tie into our plans with Ian, are yet to be fully determined!

But there’s more!

Cambridge lecturer and award-winning author Robert Macfarlane has announced that he’s been talking with us about exploring the “eerier reaches” of the British landscape in a future project. This isn’t much more than a conversation at the moment, but that conversation is extremely interesting indeed, and we anticipate an exciting year or two ahead.

Big Robot grows stronger! Etc.

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