Permutation Racer

More Sir news coming next week, but before that we have a beautiful diversion for you. This is a procedural generation prototype from Tom’s library of magic, which he finished off over Christmas. It looks a little like this:

It’s called Permutation Racer. It’s free.

Download for OSX.

Download for Windows.

[Please feel free to circulate those links to anyone who might enjoy it.]

In Permutation Racer you race against the clock to reach checkpoints, collecting stars (you can jump, don’t forget) and avoiding barriers or red spikes. Because it’s all mathematically generated, every track is different. This is just a prototype, so it’s very simple, but we think you’ll enjoy it. You might even recognise some of the procedural geometries from other images we’ve posted from our Lodestone project.

Let us know what you think, report bugs, and post screenshots of your high scores, over on the forums.

Here’s a video:

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