Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to 2013, we do hope it’s treating you well.

Apologies for a slow start from us, we’re going to commence updates regularly next week. We’ve had a bit of a rough start to the year with Jim offline due to phone-company woes and James very poorly with some heinous fever. We’re sure you’ll want to wish him well with us.

Jim being offline has delayed sending out forms for those of you who need address confirmation for physical rewards, but we’ll get to it as soon as possible. We’re also creating a mailing list for Paypal contributors so they don’t get left out of any communiques.

In the meantime we’ve been making lots of progress with new characters from Mr Canon and new animations from Mr Benson. We’ll compile a reel to show you these soon.

As ever, if you have any questions or suggestions please hit the forum, or contact us on Twitter.

This year should be wonderful, we’re looking forward to it.

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