And So Work Goes On…

Hey, everyone!

Apologies for the brief silence, we’ve been a little overwhelmed trying to sort out everything post-Kickstater, and Jim has had to move house, which has been rather chaotic. Poor old man.

Anyway, we’ve been doing a load of things this last fortnight, including commissioning things to hunt – a hare and a pheasant – and things to be hunted by.

Tom has also been working hard on world-based stuff, such as island-to-island transitions and the saving and loading of everything in the world.

He’s also created a proper day/night cycle, which you can see below.

We’ll probably be a bit quiet over the holidays, but expect another update next week, and then regular progress updates in the new year.

Oh and we’ve set up a twitter! @bigrobotltd – Follow us!

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