Sir, You Are Being Funded: Kickstarter Complete!

Thankyou, Everyone!

The Kickstarter is complete. We’re funded, and we’ve been able to unlock a whole bunch of brilliant stretch goals. It’s been an amazing experience.

We’re leaving the Paypal page up for a while longer, in case any late-comers still wish to pledge. We’ve raised an additional £1100 via Paypal so far.


Sadly, we didn’t make it to the £100,000 target we’d set for character creation and customisation, but since we’re a good way there, we’ll still endeavour to get some aspects of it into the game. Not hitting £100k means it might not be as developed as we’d hoped, but it’ll still add something to the overall experience of both the single and multi-player games.

Multiplayer Matters

This will come some time after release of the single-player game, and will be free to everyone who owns the game. A brilliant single-player game remains our priority and we’re working on it every day. (This week alone we’ve added inter-island transitions and some new animations!)

Release Dates

With plans to add a lot more content via stretch goals, it’s sensible for us to say that the current July 2013 release goal might be subject to some slippage. We’re still aiming for that date, of course, and we’ll keep you guys aprised of any changes. That early-access test date will come as early as we can possibly manage.

Physical Rewards?

These will be produced and sent out as soon as possible. We’ll let you know the exact schedule for this, but it won’t be before the holidays.


Naturally we are hoping to get on to Steam. All Kickstarter backers will get a Steam key when that happens. Stay tuned for news on that in the next few months.

Let’s Keep This Conversation Going!

We’re going to be updating regularly to let you know about what we’re up to, and we’ll be looking for your thoughts and feedback via the forums. The Kickstarter is really just the beginning for a project like this.

Again, thankyou so much for getting involved. It feels miraculous that we’re able to do this.

Here’s to being hunted.

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