A Big Post About Sir, You Are Being Hunted: Who We Are, Where The Project Is Right Now, And How Pleased We Are With Our Foliage-Based Stealth System

A hunter hunts his kin. (Click for big)

The past couple of weeks have seen us enter a new phase with the game. We’re following the sort-of-standard development cycle in that for us “alpha” means “playable, but not yet feature complete”, and that’s where we are now. That’s not to say that the game is entirely fleshed out, because it lacks a tonne of art assets to fill out multiple islands, and it needs lashings more work on fine tuning our combat and stealth systems.

However, we are now able to jump in and play, and that’s an enormously pleasing place to be. In the rest of this post I want to give you an overview of the project, and to talk to you a bit about our plans.
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I Can Almost Hear The (News)hounds: Sir News!

Two updates for you: One is this interview with Jim on Gaming Nexus, the other is this profile of Sir on the main Unity site, with quotes from Tom and Jim. Go take a look!

Meanwhile, Tom is back from his time in the wilderness of a house move, and now we’re motoring again. That means fixing the last of the major issues with terrain generation, putting the UI in, and pouring more time into the hunters themselves.

We’ve primarily been working towards the next video, and taking some screenshots as we go. We should have that for you soon. While Sir is not really a game about battle-action and explosions, we did rather like this one…

Click to embiggen.

That shot shows the player unloading both barrels into a gentleman patrol as they engage a rival hunt (visible in the distance).