Sir, You Are Being Hunted: And Answering A Few Questions Raised By Our First Trailer

We’ve had some fantastic coverage for our trailer, which was viewed over one hundred and a ten thousand times last week. Everyone on the Big Robot core team – Dan, Tom, James, and myself – are thrilled with the response, and I am sure our contributing artist Christophe Canon is pleased to have his work gain so much attention. (He’s sunning himself on the beach right now, so I can’t ask him!)

However, the trailer raised lots of questions, and we decided to answer them here.
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Big Robot’s Tom Betts Releases Procedural Generation Experiment “In Ruins”*

Our lead programmer Tom Betts has been developing procedural generation techniques for our games for quite some time now, and they’ll see their most sophisticated debut in Sir, You Are Being Hunted. But they are also a major part of his PhD research, and one of the experiments that makes up that research is called In Ruins. It’s a game which you can download for Mac and PC below.

Tom explains:

It’s part of a series of games inspired by artistic interpretations of the sublime, in this case the work of Romantic landscape painters (Thomas Cole, Caspar David Friedrich etc). Its also heavily influenced by Fumito Uedas Ico series. The player is deposited on the edge of a procedurally generated island. The island consists of overgrown pathways ruined spires and broken ramparts. A central tower looms above the island beckoning the player towards it.

Basically, you have to get to the tower by collecting the jump-boosting energy streams. And that’s it. You can, however, mess with all the variables of level generation on the menu screen, which allows you to create radically different ruins, according to Tom’s algorithms.

-> Get the PC Version

-> Get the Mac version

*My clever joke headline, there.