It’s The Interactive Village Name Generator!

The villages in Sir, will not only be procedurally generated, they’ll be procedurally named. And they’ll have familiar British place name signs, as you can see above. We’ve put together a little name generator toy for you to mess around with and you can suggest new name components in the forums. The names are made from three parts so break your suggestions up accordingly. We want a First Part (verbs and adverbs work well for this, “Poke” or “Lovely” for example), a Second Part (adjectives are good here, “Harping”) and then we have a collection of silly suffixes, “in-the-wold” or “Welcomes Careful Drivers”. Have a play then head to the forums to post your suggestions!

This is not made in the final game engine, it’s just us messing about in Unity. These are game assets, of course, but it’s woefully unoptimised, so older machines might wobble a bit.

Something to say? Head over to our forum!