Tom Talks Procedural Stuff, Big Robot Games

Tom recently spoke at London Unity Usergroup 10, and you can watch four videos of his presentation here. He talks about a number of Big Robot projects, and some of his own projects which stem from academic research. Worth a watch if you’re interested in our stuff, or in procedural and generative systems in game design, or in some of the work Tom has had to do to get all this stuff working in Unity.

Sir’s Splendid Coverage Bonanza!

The response to the announcement of Sir, You Are Being Hunted has been fantastic, and we’re enormously pleased.

Here’s a list of the articles so far:

Jim being interviewed on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
Kotaku, and again.
GameSpy, and again.
Indie Games Magazine.
Edge Online.
Strategy Informer.

There are a couple more interviews coming up next week with other outlets, too.

I suppose the pressure is on, now. We’re also keen to stress: we’re just three guys with some art help. A few comments have been imagining we’re a big dev studios with “teams” for stuff. We are just a UK indie, and most of the programming is being done solo by Tom.

Also we don’t have comments on the blog here, so please direct any questions or Big Robot related chatter to the forums.